Sabtu, 30 Juli 2011

Happy Blast Birthday Yo.. :D

30 July 1986..
There was born a baby-boy named Yohannes Agatha Engel.
Yohannes Agatha Engel

All I know is, he grow up in a little but happy family. His Mom and Dad love him so much and I know they'll always in Yohannes side in every single situation.

A day by day.. Yohannes, who always called "Yo", learn many things. He learn how to walk. Learn how to say something, how to eat with spoon and drink from a glass, and he learn how to brush his teeth. A day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year, Yohannes has learn many things. He change from a cute-lovely baby-boy into a healthy and smart little boy.

When he finally come to elementary school, he slow but sure, learn how to read, write, and count. He start to make a friend. One, two, theree, and so on.. He has many friend, start from when he's at elementary school. 

Passing elementary school, he decide to continue his study into junior High School. Then, after 3 year finish his study with the white-blue uniform, he enroll to Negeri 3 Senior High School, Tangerang. High-school is never end, that's what I'm thinking. Maybe, Yohannes, or I usually call him "Yo", have the same opinion with me about high school. 

Finally, at 2005, he decide to enroll at the university. Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, Jakarta is his choice. Faculty of Enginnering, majoring in Electronical Engineering, is his identity at the college. Well, I don't know exactly about his track record of his score. One thing I know is, he's not just spend his day at campus with books, or just having fun and love to hang out at mall. He's busy with many activity. Organization activity. pretty cool, huh?? :)

YEY!!! "ST" is now at the back of your name.. :)
At 2010..
This is the year of his graduation. He has wait it for so long. His parents always pray for him, obviously. And finally, he use that "Toga". In Jakarta Convention Centre, his name has been change, now, "Yohannes, Agatha Engel, ST." That's him!  Proud of you, Yo.. :) 

He's kinda good poem writer.. :) his poem always touching, even it's just about Love and Love. It doesn't matter.. And I don't know it's true or not.. Yohannes is a huge fans of Bruno Mars.. Is that, right, Yo..?? :D

That's all thing that I know about him.

30 JULY 2011..
His lovely day has come. It's his birthday..
He is 25th years-old now..

And I wanna say..

I'm sorry if you don't like it.. It's like a kindergarden kid draw.. hahaha

Little bit different and some kinda show off (hahaha..) I also wanna say in France..

I try to use France language.. but, hahaha.. 

Well.. finally..
Yohannes and I live in Indonesia.. So,....

All the best for you, Yohannes..
I wish that you will always healthy, happy, and of course success in your career..
and.. don't be worried about your "musuh cantik".. If God says, she's for you, she will come to you.. Just wait for His miracle.. :)

At last but not least..
GOD BLESS YOU abudantly..

best regard,


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